Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to install or update server at PC?

Download PC Remote server setup and then run it to launch installation wizard. After the wizard is finished, start PC Remote server by double-clicking its icon on desktop.

2. Why my app is unable to connect to PC?

Press troubleshoot button of server for troubleshooting.

Make sure that some firewall or security software at PC is not blocking incoming connections (refer to question #5 below for details).

Make sure that phone and PC are connected to the same WiFi network (it is fine even if PC is connected via Ethernet).

Make sure that battery saver mode is not turned-on as phone networking is stopped when battery is low.

Try exiting and restarting server on PC.

If you are still unable to connect, send email to and attach log file which contains troubleshooting results. You can be get log file from "Log File" button of the server.

3. Why the server does not install?

If installation does not work for some reason, you can download the zip file and extract it to a local folder. Just double-click PCRemote.exe to start the server.

If you want to follow up on why installation didn't work, capture installation logs by running command msiexec /i PCRemoteSetup.msi /l*vx logs.txt. Then, email the generated logs.txt file to

4. Why the server does not start?

If the server does not start, email the log files present at C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\PC Remote\PC Remote\[version] to

5. How to add exception in my security software or anti-virus running at PC?

If your security software is blocking incoming connection from phone, then you need to manually add a new exception to allow incoming TCP and UDP connections on local port 61314. In order to test this, try connection after temporarily stopping your security software.

6. Why am I unable to connect to my PC connected to Public network?

Windows Firewall policies of Public network (for eg. Starbuck, Airport, etc.) do not allow incoming connections from network devices (phone).

You can change network type from Control Panel -> Network & Sharing Center -> "Public network" link.

7. Why am I unable to connect to my PC connected to Domain network?

A few Domain network policies do not allow incoming connections from non-Domain network devices (phone). The workaround we have works only if PC and phone are connected to the same WiFi access point. If you are having trouble connecting, then try restarting WiFi radio on both phone and PC as they might be connected to different access points (no hand-off happened to stronger signal strength access point during roaming).

Secondly, we identified that sometimes connection doesn't work is PC is connected to multiple networks (WiFi and Ethernet) as Ethernet is given higher preference. Make sure that only WiFi network is connected at PC.

8. When I start application for first time, why I get error "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions"?

This is some unknown Windows issue which goes away. As a workaround, follow these steps:

  • Open command prompt as administrator
  • Run command "netsh int ip reset"
  • Run command "netsh winsock reset"
  • Restart PC

9. How can I create shortcut for auto-connecting to a PC?

Hold on PC name for 3 seconds and then select "Pin to Start".



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