PC Remote Server allows remote connectivity to PC and its peripherals. It supports multiple apps in Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms.
  • 7 Million+ downloads and counting fast
  • 30,000+ Facebook fans
  • Great reviews at Marketplace
  • Best mouse performance
  • Easy and secure setup
  • Supports connectivity over Internet

Follow these easy steps:

1. Download Server on PC:

  (requires .NET 4.0. If not already installed, install from this link)

2. Download App on Phone:


3. Connect phone and PC to same WiFi network and setup connection. Enjoy!


If you appreciate the app enough to feel like wanting to treat its creator, you can donate with PayPal, and it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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If you have any question, feedback or feature request, you can send email to info@PCRemoteServer.com